Mission Statement

CPC is committed to providing quality medical care that is community oriented.  We pledge to provide ethical, comprehensive, and compassionate care to all members of the families we serve in a cost effective manner.
  1. We will become recognized by our patients, employers and insurers, as well as our community, as the premier medical group in the area.

  2. We will be looked upon as a resource for providing medical information to our community.

  3. We will conduct our medical practices in a manner that is cognizant of costs to employers, insurers, and patients while placing ethical and appropriate care first.

  4. We recognize, to fulfil our mission, we must attract excellent care givers by offering a competitive package of wages and benefits, and a working atmosphere that is attentive to the needs of patients and caregivers alike.

Our Strengths and differentiation features

  1. We will remain community-based and keep a “small town” atmosphere.

  2. We will be a community resource for preventive care, patient education and patient advocacy.

  3. We will provide a select medical team of recent residency trained board certified physicians as well as physicians with years of experience.

  4. We will provide care for a large patient base over a wide geographic area.

  5. We provide excellent accessibility for patients.

  6. We advocate continuity of care for both inpatients and outpatients.

  7. We have strong business contacts in the community.

  8. We are committed to maintaining internal quality parameters and monitoring systems.

  9. We are committed to being proactive and visionary. “A Community of Physicians... for the Community”

Have a question?  Call our CPC Multi-Specialty Care Line
(256) 736-CARE (2273)