CPC Diagnostic Center

Our Radiologist

We provide CT, MRI, digital mammography, ultrasound (including vascular cardiac echo, non-invasive doppler), nuclear medicine imaging, holter monitoring of the heart, BMD (bone mineral density testing). BMD is the equivalent to DEXA(dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry). 
For more information on all the services provided, please visit http://www.radiologyinfo.org/  and click on the modality you are interested in learning more about.


The following are links to the MRI screening & safety form and CT (CAT scan) screening & safety formYou will be asked to fill these out after registration so you can print them, fill them out beforehand, and bring them in if you want.

Click here for the Mammogram Screening form.

Regular Digital X-rays are provided Urgent Care, CFP, and FMC.  Feel free to ask our Radiologist (Van Wadlington, MD) a specific question by calling (256) 739-6516 or you may email him here.