Dr. Dawson is an experienced cataract surgeon doing state-of-the-art operations, having performed more than 15,000 of these.  He was one of the first surgeons in Alabama to offer radial keratotomy for the correction of near-sightedness and performed more than 4,000 of those. 


He and his qualified staff perform routine vision exams including measurement for eyeglasses and treat the various medical problems that affect the eye.  Specialized office procedures include intraocular photography and glaucoma visual field exams.  Both YAG and Argon lasers are available for treatment of glaucoma conditions. 


For several years, Dr. Dawson has performed Botox® injections in the office, both for functional treatment of essential blepharospasm and for cosmetic use.  These allow the temporary elimination of wrinkles of the forehead, brow, and crow’s feet of the eyelids. 


Dr. Dawson also operates a full service Optical Shop with a qualified Optician, Susan Hopkins, on site where you can pick out your frames and contacts.  Some of the brands we carry are:  Vera Bradley, Kate Spade, BCBG, Fossil, Izod, Joan Collins, Jessica McClintock, Woolrich, Eddie Bauer, Costa del Mar, and the new and upcoming NUMA. 




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