Ultrasound 4D

We want you to understand that we do 4D scans out of courtesy and unfortunately, though we may spend a lot of time trying, your baby’s performance is never guaranteed.  

Please be patient with us.

For the best picture, it is important that your baby be in a face upward position.  Images of the baby will be affected by anything that blocks the sound waves such as mom’s excess body tissue , the baby’s hands, feet, or umbilical cord.  If the baby is cuddled against the wall of the womb, the image will be hazy.  Also, if the baby is facing toward your back or positioned deep in your pelvis, we may only be able to see the back of his/her head.  Breach babies are also difficult to scan as they tend to have their legs up in front of their face. 

Things to bring with you to your appointment:

You may want to bring a fizzy drink or something sweet to help stimulate your baby to move in a different position if we are having difficulty getting a good image.

Also, bring a CD rewritable disc if you would like us to burn the images for you. 

If you forget, we will have discs available for purchase in the office. 

Thank you for allowing us to be a part of this exciting time in your life!

Cristy and Winafred