Ultrasound info

Thank you for Choosing Cullman Primary Care OB/GYN to be a part of your Pregnancy.

We offer Ultrasound services throughout your pregnancy as outlined below. 

You will be asked to make separate appointments for these scans so that the techs will have adequate time to get the best pictures they can of your baby.
  • Ultrasound at approximately 10-12 weeks to confirm your due date and for you to see the baby’s heartbeat.
  • Ultrasound at approximately 20 weeks to determine the sex of your baby should you wish to find out.
  • 4D Ultrasound at approximately 30 weeks as a courtesy to see 4D images of your baby.
  • Ultrasound at approximately 36 weeks to get an estimate of your baby’s weight.
Should you have any questions about Ultrasounds, you can contact us at 256-736-6224 and ask for Cristy or Winafred.

*As always, the physician may order an additional Ultrasound should symptoms deem necessary.